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Hello everyone,

it has been a while since I updated my Journal. One reason is that I cannot post Journals with Firefox any longer, and I think that it's because I will need to upgrade this PC sooner or later.

However, it works with Google Chrome (yet). Other than that here are some news:

- This year it really hit me. 3 years of nonstop work finally made me approaching a problem that my energy is just used up. It barely was enough for client work, but it cannot go on like this. So I changed my sleep pattern and simply banished nonstop working from my life for a while. It does not mean that there is no client work anymore, but it means that my personal work needs to be held back for some time.
It doesn't mean that I do nothing, just no shiny digital final render of any image I did so far. I am just sitting here and do conceptual drawings for my personal story and storyverse, whereas I want to spend the energy that is left for the work that needs to be done. I have two covers to upload soon that are for a client's story named The Chronicles of Dragon.

Other than that to recover fully and be able to do a lot (but not as much as the recent years, like 10-15 hours per day without pausing) of work again, as once mentioned, 2014 will have almost no uploads compared to the amount I once had at all.

- My personal project Forlorn Knights is ongoing. I am plotting, writing, drawing and also doing concepts in digital. However, at the moment I am more in the plotting-stage, where I draw traditional roughs and more or less refined penciled images, and put the rough plotline together. Yet it feels that the first half of my story might be fleshed out to 40-45%. Before I can continue to do the chapter-manuscripts (I did 6 chapter-manuscripts already, to get a feel for the start), the first half of the rough plot needs to be developed to almost 100%. Maybe you get a better idea when I quickly explain the structure:

There are 5 mainplots happening. You have the storyline about Wan, a Forlorn Knight with cursed scars, with no clear memories to his past. Travelling around to collect the Aeon Crystals that seem to be linked to his past events, he has to face grotesque enemies that seem to be after the Aeon Crystals as well. With a magician named Keoroth, Wan figures out what to do. So his adventure begins, even beyond the Kingdom of the Forlorn Plains. Wan meets some other Forlorn Knights, duelling himself with them, realizing that his path might be not those of a Forlorn Knight at all. His best friend Lythena, the female guard of Wan's second hometown Rubiros, will be at his side for a while before he has to travel on his own. So he goes forward, constantly dealing with his pain caused by the scars, knowing that he will die earlier than 5 years the more he uses the powers of his curse, he also has to deal with his frequent nightmares: Seeing the old kingdom Hargos being torn apart by darkness and a red glow. He grew up in this former mainkingdom to become a knight, and remembers his best friends from childhood that were in the same team - Aori, a friendly girl training to become an archer, Galdoyn the young boy who wanted to become a magician, and Fioryn who had the same training as Wan, to be a swordsman and knight. He remembers to have seen them dying, swallowed by darkness, before something ripped his face apart... at least it felt like it. Waking up in a town named Rubiros, living with his scars the day forth, Wan walked down the path of a Forlorn Knight.

Then there is the storyline about the two, a bit chaotic, Assassins named Dawn and Lith. Dawn, an always annoyed looking guy, and Lith, the more dominant girl, try to hunt down Bevor Astardast, a weasily man who has a very high bounty on his head. Being a debt collector, no one likes him. The problem: Dawn and Lith have to get past a swordsman named Fagarn Gaoren, who has been hired by Bevor to be his bodyguard. And on top of that, there is a bountyhunter after Dawn and Lith as well, as Assassins are illegal in the Forlorn Plains area.

The next storyline is about two thieves, Kyrrea and Ores. Those two follow the codex of thieves and try not to hurt anyone, or to rob bandits (bandits are despised by thieves). At some point, they will steal an Aeon Crystal and have a supernatural enemy, a mechanical being named Bizarre (a member of the Grotesque Knights) after them.

Another storyline is about a half Waranean and Elven young woman named Leylaigh Nevyllin. Being marked by the so called Demontree (she has a brand looking like a leaf on her right palm), she is able to control fire if she is near it. She was a bodyguard, but rather works alone. So she travels from town to town, one day meeting the injured swordsman Torgyel. Normally she doesn't like men, as her mother died due to men as a slave, but somehow they become friends after all. Torgyel is a Forlorn Knight who challenged the strongest swordsman of Thyranrayr, but lost severely. At some point they meet with a female friend of Leylaigh, who is a knight as well, and ending up finding themselves in an upcoming war - The Iguanodian, people that all died a long time ago, awake from the dead. The Iguanodian King seems to be back as well, and a violent race of warriors named Draurrc seems to be their enemy. On top of that a revived Samurai from the past shows up as well, seemingly working together with a demonic entity known from old stories as "The Dark Collector", that tries to get his hands on an Aeon Crystal found by Leylaigh and Torgyel.

The fifth storyline focusses on a young team in the present mainkingdom that is trained to become a new team of Forlorn Plains guards: The young and stubborn boy Kade Larne who wants to become the lifeguard of the king, meaning to become the best knight there is. Beyl Neron, a young and skilled Archer, who wants to become the next commander of the Archers and Para Hyruke, a friendly young girl training hard to become a magician. She is looking up to the current highest rank magician Syennara, who leads a team of special warriors to find and neutralize magical objects that could become a danger. The Forlorn Plains Guard's Commander and highest ranked man is Olph Roloume, who is at the same time the teacher of the three young people. Secretly, he suffers from the loss of his two comrades when he was still in the training and tries to protect his students.

There are some sidestories as well and the more the whole plot continues, the more all storylines start to combine and find together.

At some point I need to do concept illustrations and stuff again, to continue the plot-development. This will be the time when more illustrations will be uploaded to the gallery. I aim for writing the first half's chapter-manuscripts within 2015. At the end of 2014, I expect the rough first half of the plot being done. Then, all in all, I hope to be done with the second half's rough plot in 2016 and to have written all chapter manuscripts at the end of 2017. From that point I can start illustrating and finalizing the official story.

Besides the stories happening in my third continent Thyranrayr (which is the place of the Forlorn Knights story) I have rough plans for more: The story FLARE, taking place in the second continent, and CROSSED STORIES in the fifth continent (be prepared for a lot of satire in this one).

Then there is still my superhero story FLYING FOX and another story in a modern setting named DISCONNECTED. I have a lot of plans and I hope, in my lifetime, to at least finish two big stories. Why just two, you might ask: Because as long as I have to spend most of the time with client work, I try to stay real. But if I, some day, get a way to fund my own projects, I will dive into all of these ideas for a bunch of years to do the best I possibly can. And one thing is clear: I don't want to have any publisher or other person having their hands on my creations, so you can expect entertainment for free (basically) when it comes to final products - however if I find a way to fund my own development-process, I would call it a "support" to be able to do what I plan in the best possible way.

- The Motionbook Tool is fun, and I have plans for that apart from my personal projects. As soon as I do tutorials, expect "Motionbook Tutorials" to show up sooner or later.

Well, this year is packed with content, but I shall step forward calmly.

I am also willing to give some little information about some stories, not only underneath the description of an uploaded image, but also as text and stuff that might be interesting to read.

Aw man, I found myself being buried under pencils and papersheets (luckily you don't see my office right now).

I hope you did well so far. What is your plan for 2014? And if there is any question regarding worldbuilding, storytelling, etc. you are always welcome to ask.

Have a good day.

Many greetings,

- Dave


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