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Hey everyone, (attention, wall of text incoming)

well this has been a crazy year so far. Trying to get everything done that needs to be done, dealing with private problems etc. All of this kinda drained my energy. However, I am of course still doing art and I am getting back to landscapes and scenery illustration, whereas characterconcepts will be mostly lineart or very rough in general from now on. Focussing on landscapes will be fun especially after this long time in which I have learned a lot.

I have a quick announcement for my (and the Food-For-Crows team's) brush creation: This is still ongoing, you won't believe how hard it is to squeeze enough time in between all the daily stuff.
I have received a lot of support for my brushes, and so do the brushes that I create together with my best friend in :iconfood-for-crows: .

So here is the thing: I know that Deviantart and also Gumroad can be a bit time consuming and therefore people might either save the links for a later purchase (in terms of supporting us so that we can organize enough time to create more brushes quicker).

And I know that people want to support an artist directly as well. So if you want to support me for my resources, I have another alternative for you to do so and you can freely choose with how much you want to support me, at any time, totally up to you:

I have managed to get a Paypal.Me Link which gives you the option to quickly support me as much as you like. Just type the following (or copy and paste) into your internet browser field and you will enter my personal link for support:

What I will do and how I use what I receive (same goes for the brush creation team which involves my best friend and myself) :

- The money that I, as well as :iconfood-for-crows:, receive, will be used and is used for the following:

- The amount is equally split among all team members and is used to support other artists as soon as brushes from the team are being purchased.

- I myself support stock artists on Deviantart that provide their ressources in order to give them the possibility to fund their own creation processes properly.
- Partially funding for tools (such as pencils, markers, acrylics, etc.) that I, as well as my best friend, need to create our natural brush sets. We carefully create the forms, test them in Photoshop after scanning the paper, eventually they need more refinement and texture, so we use up parts of our supplies.

- A part of it is used to compensate the time we otherwise have to do client work/ work involving other activities which gives me, and my best friend regarding the brush account, proper time to create more content that you might like to receive. Especially more free content can be produces that way (and there is plenty to come soon).

If you want to support especially me using the link shown above, I would love to give more Deviantart Stock artists my support they deserve, which you would help me with. Anything that makes you wanting to support me for, I will do my best to meet my goals. Be it my own brushes, or even tutorials, video tutorials, maybe even my personal story and/or character development, writing, you decide if and for what specific goal you would like to support me for.

As I have noticed that my first Camelhair Brushset Dave's Camelhair Brush Set by Brollonks is still being used in a fairly high amount, maybe doing more drawing brushes is something you would like to have?

All in all, I, as well as my best friend, thank you a lot for the support that we received since we opened our brush account.

So, the options for support are:
My personal Paypal link if you want to help only me out with what I do:

The brush account on Deviantart: :iconfood-for-crows: and on Gumroad:
These both options will help me out as well as my best friend to create more content for you and to have us both support other artists with what they create.

Now let us use this as an entry point to my personal news and updates:

- I haven't purchased any videogame so far, although I could have with what your support resulted in. But that is what I will never do, which is just living from your support to just consume stuff. I strictly stay away from music, movies, or games when I am not able to afford them. And as the amount of money of the support is only for the budget of my personal projects (brush creation, tools in order to fulfill them, learning and building up my skills to do more in return) and to help artists I like to support, there won't ever be a point in time where I'd waste it for consumption of movies, games or music.

So that's what it looks like. I stood away from playing too many games, I love to listen to the Soundtracks I already have and I rarely watch movies as I cannot afford them, especially due to a lack of time.
I spent some money that I am able to spend for the concept artists though, artbooks, tutorials or small projects if there are some gaining my attention.

Other personal news:

So far I am healthy and this is due to my best friend helping me out a lot. Any time she notices that I am dwelling on thoughts, or become worried, or work too much - she grabs me sideways out of the chair and is there for me. We both create our own stories and fictional worlds as much as we can.

Forlorn Knights, to some of you it might sound familiar, is ongoing in it's development. There is so much happening though that I have no idea if I will ever finish this. I mean, yeah, I do what I can, of course. Life isn't easy and always has obstacles put in my way. Especially due to the need of making a living I have to spend my time rather with building up my portfolio and to find clients. The problem with the industry is that, quite recently, many companies have been outed as those who pay very low rates for high quality work. This caused me to ditch a company that I tried to work for.
All in all my independent clients have been the most helpful and friendly ones so far and it was not only that my work was valued by them, but it also became a closer connection among creatives that are able to trust each other.

Recent incidents made me feel ill. If there is anyone from France, or knows anyone in France, or is in any way related to it (and this counts for every recent horrible incident outside of Europe!) : Everyone, you have all my sympathy and best wishes. If there are people following me silently that, per example, belong to the Muslim community: I have seen many of them pointing out and speaking out against extremism, you have my sympathy too! Especially because they suffer from "their" extremist groups as much as others do.

Whether one is religious or not, I have all my sympathy left for peaceful living people, for people using their brains and trying everything to be a decent human individual. No matter where they are coming from, no matter what or if they believe in a god. Important is that we try our best to be the best we can be at this point in time.

Right now I am plotting for new drawings and designs while writing this journal entry and I have a few final thoughts to tell you before I will prepare myself for more work.

This year, 2015, resulted in the second equally worst year of my life (the other one was 1998) and I have a lot of stuff to deal with. But this year comes to an end and I really hope that I can just lean back to see it pass. I will do art, design and resources, of course. Also taking some actual free time with playing a game, or maybe even watching a movie.

And if you ever want to exchange thoughts just type a quick comment, or if you want to do it privately, send a note and I will not make anything public.

There are some more thoughts and things to come, but my time for typing is running out.

All the best to you all, I will return. Take care.

- Dave
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David Schmelling
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Besides my Journal posts, I will post more stuff on my secondary Tumblr Blog right here: thewayofthepencilsamurai.tumbl…

I am currently available for fulltime and freelance jobs. In my freetime I am practising a lot to improve my skills. I am working together with a known artist and recently worked on some illustrations for a little iPhone game.

You can follow me on Tumblr to have a look at sketches and drawings:

Current Residence: Germany
Favourite genre of music: Film/Videogame Soundtracks, Trailer Music
Favourite style of art: pencilled, inked works, lineart, or painterly/cellshaded art (traditionally or digitally)


Brollonks has started a donation pool!
97 / 800,000
Support for my Brush-Creation.

If you like my brushes, you can support ANY amount of points to make sure I'll find enough time to upload many brushes for free. Keep in mind that 80 points are 1$, so the number might look incredibly high.

In any case:

The points goal doesn't have to be reached, there will be more brushes showing up no matter how much support I get.

-It only depends on the amount of donations how fast they will show up.

Upcoming Brushes:

- Graphitechalk (with blendingbrushes via smudgetool included) - free (in progress)

- New Chalkbrushes (at the planning stage

I appreciate your support and many thanks to all who supported me by purchasing the "Dave's Camelhair Brush Set Eliteversion 2012" Thanks! I am only able to find much more time for new brush-creations because of YOUR help.

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