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Hello there,

after some little testing I figured that the motionbook tool does work flawless with my new internet-pc (I had to upgrade that thing due to an old OS) and this means creating motionbooks will be even less of a struggle. That's great news for me regarding my plans, and it might be good news for all who are interested in my ideas. At least so far things are working well, I shall stay positive that it continues to be as I planned.

The first half of Forlorn Knights is developed to 40%. This means that I might be done with the first half's structure (as to how the plot moves forward) at the end of 2014 or at the end of the summer of 2015. Depending on when it's done, I can start writing the chapter manuscripts.

For all of you who read this journal entry, I want to show you how I build up a plot as it might be a helpful thing to do for you as well. Let's say we have two halfs of a fictional project for that example:

- First thing to do is to write a summary of each half, so you have everything under control, you can overview the whole thing.
Example for the first half of the fictional project: Character A enters an area, being attacked by bandits and has to face a cursed statue trying to kill him.

- Next you go into each half and build up a more detailed structure. Example for the first half's summary being fleshed out:

Character A enters area - insert any name here - , suddenly a bunch of bandits attacks.
- Character A has to defeat the bandits
- One bandit uses a crossbow and wears armor that prevents him from being hit by frontal attacks

Status Quo: Character A defeated the bandits but is now facing a cursed statue coming to life.
- Character A has to flee from the area, as he cannot defeat it in combat.
- He has to lure the enemy into a trap by activating a mechanism

And so on.

So as you can see, it's about building a structure, leaving enough space for your imagination as you don't include the final detail here. My own structures are more "exact" in terms of what characters are where, and what will happen, it depends on the complexity of the plot. And after the plot structure is done, you can write the chapters and while doing that you will fill the gaps: How does the character defeat the bandits, what will he do, what will the statue do that hunts him, how will he complete the tasks, etc.

For me this has been the most helpful working-method. Of course you also have to take many notes for any idea, for names of characters, for backstories, and so on. It needs some time but it's worth it. However, as I said, it depends on how complex the story is. With that said a less complex story doesn't mean that it's not as good as a more complex one. :)

As for Forlorn Knights:

I just stumbled upon a last year's thumbnail sketch featuring a yet unnamed character I almost forgot about. But now that the plot has been fleshed out to a certain degree, he finally has a purpose in the plot. He will be a former comrade of Sir Sionn Drakenschwing… . This former comrade was lost on a quest for a sword that is said to enable it's user "to change everything". A sword named Amaterasu. But it has a dark past...

Over time there are a bunch of conflicts, and intriques, as well as tragic events going on leading to bitter plot twists. And somehow, the Grotesque Knights are always a part of it.

Apart from that, when one builds a world one has to think about lots of stuff no one would consider thinking about. But to make a world believable one has to think about culture and society as well. And even stereotypes. The thing is when you include stereotypes of men and women, they should be pointed out as being stereotypes by other characters.
One has to think about sex - how does the fictional society (and all sorts of cultures) handle that topic? How do they behave when it comes to having partners, marriage maybe, how do they handle crime (murder, robbery, ... ) etc. It doesn't mean you have to show this stuff in your story, but it's good to have lots of own background information.
When it comes to my story I will not show the typical sex-scenes or exaggerated stuff in terms of violence (like in Game of Thrones or so), as it doesn't serve the plot. I try to give hints and one will know who loves whom, or who gets close to whom, etc. But it's not me trying to get viewers via the typical "sex sells" or showing "gore" method (it happens, there will be blood, but no graphic stuff that would overdo it) .

When it comes to stereotypes: There is per example one bandit woman that has the typical "non functional armor". This will be pointed out by other characters like "How is that even supposed to protect you in combat?" I guess you get the point here as to when stereotypes work, and when they are just a tool to attract a certain target group. I am not even sure what kind of target group I will have. Mainly as I am not selling my story but doing it in my freetime, to share it with the public to maybe make some people's life better (entertaining them, or giving hidden messages or solutions to difficult situations in one's life, you know maybe someone identifies himself with one of the characters and will find some inspiration to solve problems, etc.) and to provide some distraction from a hard day of work, or to defeat boredom. Well, as long as it works for just one individual I am happy. :)

I am still rather drawing traditional sketches and concepts at the moment, as it serves the purpose and is easier for me to handle. I have many files with lots of papersheets included, that show many different sketches and drawings. I will work digital as soon as I need a more fleshed out image of a scene, character, and so on, that I need to base new concepts on. Mainly images I can also use to show in my portfolios and galleries.
But you will also see my sketches and drawings, it is just a lot of scan work. :p Could spend hours just on scanning the last month's drawings.

I might post another journal entry soon about stuff that is not related to my personal project, just daily stuff and the behaviour of people nowadays. But, well, that is linked a bit to my stories as well as I use my stories to handle, point out and think as to how societies and people "might" be able to solve issues with each other. And how sad the truth about the world might be after all, although people do not want to hear bitter truths I want to try making people think about it.

Oh well, rambling again. I wish you a great start for the new week, at least depending on the timezone we live in. In any case I wish you a great day and lots of new inspiration for whatever you plan to do.

Many greetings,

- Dave


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